Franchisee Guide for Getting Started

Welcome to ZeeHub!
We are very excited to work with you towards creating a simple and successful franching experience. This document addresses the most common questions that arise when getting started. Please reach out to us if anything comes up along the way ( Your feedback is critical, as it will ensure our app continues to make your life easier. Again, we greatly look forward to working with you!

The ZeeHub Team

Key Functions and Questions

Where Do I Sign In?
Click Here, or go to

How Do I Complete a Report? (Weekly or Monthly)
You can do this from the Dashboard or the “My Metrics” section. The left panel of the dashboard will always notify you of any action that needs to be taken. Click here for more detail.
This video shows an example of completing a report:

View Past Sales Reports
Click here for a video example. You will always be able to see past reports from the “My Metrics” section. From “My Metrics”, you can select the reports you want to see by clicking “All Reports” under the desired title.

Find Files in the Library
You will find a search bar in the left panel of the library. This will search the title and description of all documents and folders within the library. You can also navigate by clicking through any visible folder.

View Business/Franchise Documents
All important documents for your franchise will be in its "Documents". You can find this at Units > select the unit, then "Documents". Important documents for you as an individual are in your "Personal Documents" folder. This video shows where you can find their “Personal Documents” folder: Click here

How Do I Change My Office Information?
Franchisees cannot change their office information or other sensitive information, but you can always change your personal information by clicking on your name (top right of the screen), then “Profile”.

How Do I Change My Password?
It’s quite easy for users to change their password and personal information. First, click their name in the top right, then “Profile”, then enter the new password. Here’s a demo: click for video

How Do I Reset My Password If I Forget It?
From the sign in screen, click “Forgot Password?” and follow the instructions.

More About Each Section
We created overviews to describe the basic of each area in ZeeHub. Let us know if there's anything we've missed!
Key Sections: