Getting Started: ZeeHub Introductory Tutorial

This video series gives you the basic knowledge required to start using ZeeHub. Scroll down the page, and watch each video in order (at least for the first time). You can also click here to see all videos straight through in one shot.

What is ZeeHub?

ZeeHub is cloud based software designed to take the heavy lifting out of setting up and running a franchise system.
What can I use this for?

  • Improving communication between Franchisee & Franchisor
  • Royalty Reporting
  • Distributing important materials to all franchises
  • Organizing important franchise documents (like agreements, FDDs, and insurance docs)
  • Maintaining company standards
  • Task lists for opening new franchises
  • and much more

We created a simple set of tools that apply to many cases within franchising. This guide introduces these tools , shows you how to use them, and gives you a better understanding of the system as a whole.


ZeeHub keeps everything focused on franchise units, so let's start the tutorial here.


Message Templates

FDD Sample


Task Templates


Metrics: Report History


Documents Tab



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