The Library

Share company documents using the library. Scroll down to see guides, frequently asked questions, and a general library overview.

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Easy Navigation

Click on folders to see their contents, or click on files to view/download them. Edit and delete icons appear for each item.

Search Anything

Search across every title and description in the library. You'll always be able to find your files.

Add Something

First, navigate to the folder where you will be adding something. Then, click to add a new file or subfolder. Only Corporate users can add items.

Common Questions

Don't see what you're looking for? Email us:

Can I control who sees a file or folder?

Yes (for Corporate users). Click the edit icon of a folder, then select/deselect each group that can view contents. Watch this video for a quick demo.

How do I move something?

Click on the edit icon, and you'll see a field called "folder". Designate a new folder location from there.

What is the "Personal Documents" folder?

Any franchise, legal, or sensitive documents uploaded by corporate (or via Training) appear here. No other franchisees can see this folder.