Franchise Development Setup


Here's a quick sample of what it looks like to navigate a candidate profile. This guide will show you how to set this up:


Gather Materials
Once you complete these items, setting up ZeeHub will be a breeze:

  • Define a franchise development process, and clearly list each step
  • Determine the fields you want to see on each candidate's profile
  • Create all message templates for communication with candidates
  • Compile all contracts, presentations, and other files that you might want to share with candidates

Setting Up

Create The Fields
From the Dashboard, click on "Franchise Settings" (left panel). Scroll down to where you see "Candidate attributes". Add any fields here. They will be applied to all candidate profiles.

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Create a Candidate Folder in the Library
Go to the Library, and make a new folder. Make sure it is visible to candidates. You can share anything in this folder with candidates, so it's great for meeting slides, contracts, and other important files.

Create All Message Templates
From the Dashboard, click on "Message Templates" in the left panel. Go ahead and create all of your message templates.
More about message templates:

Use the Sales Process to Create a Task List (and Make it a Template)
Click on Tasks > New Tasklist, then give your list a name. For our example, we used "Master Sales Process".

Create Your First Candidate

  • Click on People (top bar), then New Candidate (left of the screen)
  • Enter the candidate's name and email address
  • Click "Edit Profile," and add information to any empty fields
  • Go to the "Tasks" tab, and add the "Master Sales Process" template
  • Send them a message!

Example: Sending FDDs through message templates