Setup: Quick Start Guide

These items will help you go live with ZeeHub. It is assumed that you have finished the tutorial and completed the pre-setup guide. These are critical to early success!

1. Franchise Settings: Roles and Fields

Go to "Franchise Settings" from the Dashboard.

Role aliases define how you refer to each role within the company. The defaults are Corporate, Franchise Development, Franchisee, Staff, Candidate.

Person Attributes: These fields appear on all Franchisee profiles.
Candidate Attributes: These fields appear on all Candidate profiles.
Unit Attributes: These fields appear on all unit profiles.

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2. Add People

If you are trying to have the system fully set up before giving anybody access, do this step last! When someone is added into the system, they get an email notification with login credentials.

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3. Add Units

Now that your fields have aleady been defined:

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4. Add Files to the Library

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5. Create Message Templates

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6. Create Task Lists

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7. Create Reports in "Metrics"

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